Devin St. Jean

Apr 16

Rent a Mac - MacinCloud

For a developer working mainly on a Windows system it can be very frustrating trying to develop applications for Apple devices. MacinCloud is a service that allows you to use Mac computers from the cloud, you can test how they work before you buy them or develop on it. You can use this service basically on any device that has a web browser and the service has many plans with very reasonable pricing.


Oracle suing Google over Android and Java

After a two year back and forth battle Oracle is finally suing Google over patient violations with Android and Java, patients that was owned by Sun Microsystems that Oracle bought.

Oracle wanted around $1.16 billion in damages, which was different then what Oracle was asking a few months before: $6.1 billion. Google put it’s own offer on the table: $2.8 million for the two patents. Although Oracle is failing to narrow down what patents are being violated Google still might take a financial hit.

It will be interesting to see the effects this has on Android and Java, if any at all.

(Source: CNET)

Apr 02

It’s in your vehicles now.

A company is producing a “black box” for vehicles now that streams into the cloud to find records of accidents and unsafe driving practices. The reason for having something like this streamed into the cloud is for legal purposes, to ensure that the video was not tampered with and it is transmitted to court records.

Is this a good idea or is it like someone watching you every time you drive? 

(Source: Wired)

Mar 20

Group 2


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Mar 19

Windows 8 - Impending Death of the Desktop

According to the Globe and Mail the use of two different operating system styles in Windows 8 means that even Windows is considering the possibility of a desktop-less world. That or it’s trying to gain as much money from every “successful tech trend of the past five years.” 

(Source: The Globe and Mail)

Mar 12

Future of Interface Development

I found an interesting article about Bret Victor who thinks of ways to make development easier and his methods of following a principle to the career path he is on.

(Google Translator actually works well with french) 

I found it interesting of how he went on the path he is now instead of the more general thought of why you would pick the career that most think of now. Following a principle rather then following a passion.

Here is an example of some of his work:

Mar 04

No Need For SOPA

The continued control of the internet continues. For emerging web developers it would seem the wise choice to choose something other then .com and .net to avoid getting shutdown by the US Government.

Feb 27

Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses

Apparently Google will have glasses that displays images and information by using a wireless connection and use data from the cloud in one lens. It will be the same price as a smartphone and run on Android.

“The glasses will also reportedly have a low-resolution built-in camera that can overlay information about locations, surrounding buildings, and nearby friends.”

Another company, Innovega, is producing contact lens that adjust your vision to be able to see both very near distances, on say, sunglasses.

I think that pretty soon we can expect to see a change in how people will be able to view media and how developers will be able design for it.

Feb 13

FBI looking to use social media for a data mining tool.

The FBI is looking for an application to search every social media site for keywords to find terrorist attacks and uprisings. Even if social media is far from privacy, having the FBI looking through everything you put on your pages is going to effect peoples content. This and the fact that I can see a lot of problems trying to teach a computer how to find the differences between sarcasm and a joke to something actually real.

The sad fact about this is that they researched the response time and social media beats 911 calls in an event.


Jan 23

Tablet Ownership Doubles

According to a new study the amount of tablets purchased has doubled after the holiday season into early January. From August to mid-December around 10% of people in this study owned a tablet. After the holidays into early January that number doubled. Will this study help developers tailor programs for tablet owners?